Nigerian man surprises guests, walks out of his wedding ceremony, says no longer interested in marriage

A Nigerian man whose name could not be identified has reportedly walked out of his marriage ceremony before the marriage ceremony could end.

According to Yabaleft, the man took his guests and family members by surprise on his wedding day when at a moment during the event, he went agog like someone who was suddenly possessed by a devil.

The man, all of a sudden began to clamour that he’s no longer interested in going on with the wedding with his wife, as he walked away from the occasion and took to the streets.

The man was reported saying: “She’s been cheating on me” as his reason for walking out of the wedding ceremony.

As the bride struggles to catch up with him, begging, he yells to his best man “She cheated on me, she’s been cheating on me”.

When the lady tried to touch him, he seized her bouquet and threw it on the ground in anger while warning her to leave him.

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