Nigerian man who rapes his mother, mother-in-law arrested (His confession will elicit pity from you)

A 32-year-old man Kaduna State based rapist who is known for his serial illicit act has now revealed how he successfully carried out the act upon his arrest by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Special Squad.

Identified as Shekari David, this young man (pictured above)who has sex with old woman as a sexual fetish raped his mother and mother-in -law, but has now blamed his action on alcohol.

Currently detained at the Katari Police Division in Kaduna State, the suspect confessed that he had, on two occasions raped his own 65 years old mother and 70 years old his mother in-law in the dead of the night, while they were sleeping. .

According to him, this behaviour made his wife to abandon him for another man.

His confession read:

“I am a farmer and I was once married, but my wife abandoned me due to my penchant for raping old women.

I don’t know if I am under a spell but whenever I am drunk, a spirit comes into me and I will be going around town looking for women to rape. ‘I have been beaten up over this issue severally, yet, I can’t still control myself whenever I get drunk.

I raped my mother during our last Moroha Festival, when I got drunk. I couldn’t find any old woman to rape and when I got home, I found my mother sleeping and I penetrated and raped her.

My mother screamed when she saw me on top of her and our neighbours gathered. Everyone saw that I was drunk and when I became sober I begged her to forgive me and she accepted.

Not long after that, I attended another festival in my wife’s community known as Mahuta and I became drunk again; in the dead of the night I went to my ex-wife mother’s house and found her sleeping and I raped her.

When the woman woke up and saw me on top of her, she shouted and people came around, and caught me. I was given the beating of my life before I was asked to go. .

I don’t know what usually comes over me when I am drunk. That spirit is what normally pushes me to rape old women.”

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