Nigerians in Wales demand establishment of consulate in Cardiff to promote trade, tourism

President of Niger Delta Youth Association worldwide, Comrade Victor James, has called on the Nigerian federal government to establish a Nigerian consulate in Cardiff  to cater for the immediate and long term needs of Nigerians living in Wales.

James, made the call in the United Kingdom with some members of the wider Nigerian community in Wales when the Nigerian High Commissioner to UK, Ambassador George Adesola Oguntade, played host to the group at the Nigerian High commission.

He said the establishment of consulate in Cardiff would alleviate the stress associated with the long distance between the office in London and Nigerians in Wales, noting that as this office is in Scotland and England, it is the strong desire and belief of the group that the same gesture should be accorded to Wales.

The youth leader maintained that the benefit of establishing a Nigerian Consulate in Cardiff would provide a platform capable of promoting trade, tourism and investment opportunities between Nigeria and Wales, thereby building a solid relationship with the Wales government.

James said: “It is worthy to note that the Wales government has contributed immensely to Africa’s development via various charity and business offers. Wales investors are very keen to invest in Nigeria and the presence of a consulate in Wales will facilitate their business desires to invest in Nigeria.

“An example of projects which promises to be of immense benefit is the Wales for Africa Programme, which funds and builds projects that support learning, the exchange of skills, joint working and tackling climate change.

” The Wales for Africa programme will support the International Learning Opportunities, ILO, the Wales for Africa Grant Scheme, WAGS and Hub Cymru Africa, HCA. As one of the many Wales initiatives for Africa, the Wales for Africa programme is a symbol of Wales’ efforts geared towards delivering on the United Nation, UN, sustainable development goals to overcome poverty and suffering.”

The NDYA boss worldwide formally invited His Excellency, Ambassador George Adesola Aguntade, ministers and members of the Nigerian High Commission  to a conference organized by the group, titled “African Youth Development Summit”, with the theme, “African Youth Development and The Quest for Leadership.”

An invitation the high commissioner accepted with a pledge to chair the occasion. He, therefore, appealed  to all Nigerians resident in Wales to  make themselves available for the conference today (July 1, 2018) and to familiarize themselves with the new ambassador.

Responding, Ambassador Oguntade, who was visibly elated, assured the group that the High Commission, under his leadership would partner the association. He said that due process would followed in proposing the establishment of a consulate to the Nigerian government for approval and necessary logistics

The higher commissioner advised the group to mobilize and work closely with the commission for the success of the proposal.

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