Nigeria’s Super Eagles beat Seychelles Pirates 3-1 in Asaba

Nigeria Super Eagles on Friday evening at the Stephen Keshi Stadium, Asaba defeated their Seychelles counterpart in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) qualifier, a match regarded as mere formality, owing to the fact that Nigeria has already qualified for the competition.

Following the victory, the Super Eagles head coach, Gerrot Rohr, has derided the performance of the visitors, claiming that “they started to play after full-time”.

Coach Rohr, who disclosed this on the sidelines in an interview with journalists, commended his team for doing a nice job, saying “They wanted to finish on the top of the table which was very important for the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) rankings.”

He said: “Seychelles started to play after 90 minutes when the game was 3-1 and so they came a little bit late but they did well, they fought hard and they tried to play well. Some of them are not 100 percent fit yet.”

Meanwhile, his counterpart, Gavin Jeanne, said that his team (Seychelles) still needed much work to do, stressing that the Super Eagles were a more formidable force, even though he doubted the authenticity of the penalty kick that opened the score-line for the Nigerians and also the second goals.

“I think we did more rights than wrongs. Off course foo
tball is full of mistakes but I am still questioning the penalty, I need to see it a second time. I am still questioning the second goal, I think it was offside but I also need to see it again,” Jeanne, the Seychelles head coach, stated.

Continuing, he said: “We respect Nigeria off the field; we are rivals and not enemies. We had to play with what we have and Nigeria is full of professional players who have played at the highest level.”

The Super Eagles had already won 3-0 in the first fixture and today’s victory places on record that it is the very first competitive win of the Super Eagles in Asaba after the friendly draw with Uganda last year.

The score line was opened after Nigeria’s Odion Igalo converted a penalty kick to secure the first goal in the 32nd minute while the visitors equalized few minutes before the close of first-half.

An early goal in the second-half saw the Eagles lead before scoring the third goal some five minutes to the final whistle to the ecstatic jubilation of the anxious spectators.

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