Not charisma, not money but THIS will determine votes in the coming elections (check it out)

The senatorial candidate of the Accord Party for the Bayelsa East senatorial district, Dr. Silva Opuala Charlse, has predicted that the outcome of the National Assembly election will be determined by the ability,manifestoes and plan presented to the people ahead of the polls, saying he is the most qualified among candidates in the state.

Dr. Silva Opuala-Charlse, who had served as finance commissioner in the state,said his plan for the people of the Bayelsa East senatorial district is based on five transformation pillars of human capital investment, attraction of development projects , building of skill development colleges in the three local council under his constituency and working with multilateral financial institutions and investors to set up the state east financial institution.

Dr. Opuala-Charlse, who made this known in Yenagoa, while unveiling his manifestoes titled “Making Bayelsa East Work Again” said though past elections were won by dominant political parties based on atrenght, the 2019 NASS election will be based on plans and vision statement presented by each candidates to the people.

He said he is the only candidate in Bayelsa that has presented a documwnted plan to the people,” the Bayelsa electorates are wiser now than before. They have seen that those that represented them in the last 16 years have failed. The people have resolved that it will not be about party but individual candidate quality and plan.Amd am the right candidate for the Bayelsa East.”

” BAYELSA EAST is probably one of the most endowed Senatorial district in Bayelsa state. And possibly in the country with its cradling as the epicentre of oil and gas evolution in Nigeria following the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in Oloibiri in the present Ogbia local government between 1956-58.

“With its pioneering status as the oil haven in Nigeria and the efficient contribution to the attraction of multinational oil exploration and production companies to the country.We should have gotten a fair share of the developmental infrastructure which these natural resources have brought to other parts of the country.”

” On a quick infrastructure audit, the Bayelsa East Senatorial district does not have any tangible federal presence in terms of functional industry that is capable of providing jobs for our able bodied young men and women.

“With its auspicious position as the pace setter in the oil exploration and production activities, it should not have been out of place to see a refinery,LNG or other major oil and gas investments in the area but nothing of such. Instead Oloibiri,the epicentre is a neglected and forgotten historical site.”

On the issue of the abadoned state of the Brass LNG and poor industrial presence in the area, Dr. Silva Opuala-Charlse said he is ready to work towards a partnership with other elected National Assembly members and the Federal Government to create economic independence of the Senatorial district and reduce our dependence on the state government for development.

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