Okowa will involve youths in his second term administration, Akpobi assures youths


Delta state coordinator of Not Too Young to Lead, Elvis Akpobi, has said that Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has given assurance to youths in Delta state that he will involve them in the second term administration which begun at the swearing in on May 29, 2019.

Emeraldng.com can report that youths who form almost 60 percent of the voting population in the state, participated in almost all the process that led to the election of the governor in the general elections.

Following this, Akpobi said the governor will not disappoint the youths as he is currently constituting his cabinet for the full commencement of governance in the state.

According to him, Delta is blessed with a youth friendly governor who has been giving listening ears to the desire of youths, hence he said: “If you see his first tenure, he gave young persons the privilege to serve. His first tenure saw the youngest aide to the governor, Ossai Ovie Success, Ossai showed capacity and he did very well.”

While not disagreeing that some of the appointees disappointed, Akpobi noted that if an opportunity to serve is given to an individual he should utilize it and make impact in the lives of people around them.

He said: “This second term, even a blind person knows that this election that passed, the youths did 80 percent of the job. Not because of money but because we believe in the man, the governor.

He is a listener, a governor that, if you send him text, he will respond immediately.

“He is someone that when you tell him I want to do this thing, you just go and sleep, he will do it for you. He promised us, young persons, that since we worked with him, we believed in him, he won’t fail us in this second term.

“So, we are very positive. If you check the engine room of the government, the person is a young man with content. When his profile was read and when he spoke, I was impressed. I moved to think of developing myself for the task ahead.

“We know appointment cannot get to everybody, but indirectly, governance can get to you. Whichever young person is given position, he should use that position well so that in the nearest future, people will look up to youths for more positions.”

He said his Not Too Young to Lead has achieved much in the state, saying many youths have been empowered to live an independent life, even as the body is presently training youths on tiling selected from the three senatorial districts of the state.

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