Okowa’s wife speaks on why couples should be NAKED to each other in the family (CHECK OUT WHAT SHE MEANT)

Wife of the governor of Delta state, Dame Edith Okowa, on Tuesday, said if members of a family, especially husband and wife, want the family unit to work and be successful, they should be naked to each other and remain unashamed.

Mrs. Okowa said it is only be remaining naked and transparent will the family remain solid and stand the test of time, especially in the face of challenges rocking families and leading to many disintegrating and going their separate ways.

The Delta first lady, who has championed various programmes across the state such as establishing sickle cell centres in major cities and currently taking free medical treatment to Delta communities, lamented that many families are running aground, even few months after marriage because the two major pillars in the home are not naked to each other.

For her, for any family to succeed and stand the test rocking families, the husband and wife must be transparent and remain open in all their dealings, especially in managing finance, communication, relationship, dealings with opposite gender and ensuring that there is a good communication line between the two persons without keeping anything secret from each other.

As a model to women in Delta state, Okowa’s wife said the family being the smallest unity in every nation should be built in a way that it contributes to the success of the nation.

She restated the fact that the success of the family will contribute in no small measure to the success of the nation, noting that if the family is in disarray the nation will be at the receiving end.

Mrs. Okowa spoke during the couples forum with the theme “naked but not ashamed,” organized by O5 Initiative, an organization she has championed since the inception of the Okowa’s administration to meet the need of so many Deltans, men, women and youths across the 25 council areas of the state.

The theme of the forum is based on the book of Genesis chapter two verse 26 which reads thus: “And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

The forum which held at the unity hall of the state government house, drew couples from across the state who were eager to find solutions to issues affecting families leading to breakage and both parting ways, some immediately after tying the nuptial knot.

She told the families that success in the home must also involve giving place to the word of God as it is the compass to direct and model the family to the great glory land.

“If you want your family to work, listen to the word of God and be naked and transparent in all your dealings. We should allow God to work out the marriage. No two marriages are the same. Study your husband and wife and learn to adapt to each other,” Mrs. Okowa stated.

Evanglist Nnamdi Eze, a guest speaker, who spoke on nakedness without shame, gave seven essential reasons why families are ashamed.

He identified sin against God and the family, guilty conscience, insincerity in the home, unfaithfulness, infidelity, the wrong use of technological devices especially the handset which is used to tell lies and communicating with male and female friends, and uncontrolled relationship with the opposite gender as some of the issues that could lead to shame and if not properly handled could disintegrate the family.

He also identified seven key points that are essential to family success. He mentioned accountability to partners, truthfulness in all communications, exposing relationship with people both male and female, exposing activities in the phone, updating your partner with your itinerary, financial accountability and being mindful of Ecclesiastes chapter 12 verses 13 and 14.


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