Okpanam, DBS roads drainage to be completed in 2019 as Nnebisi road drainage to be delivered in May – Okowa

The people of Delta state who are resident in Okpanam, the suburb of Asaba, the state capital, will have to spend this year still wallowing in the flood as the rains begin to pour any moment from now.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta state has revealed that the flood control measure being carried out by the state government will fully affect the Okpanam area and the drainage in that area will be completed in February 2019 next year.

Okowa told journalists drawn from the entire Delta state at the state government house that there can’t be full relief for now for Delta people living in the Okpanam area, the nearest community that is absorbing the overflow of the population from Asaba.

In the press conference attended by senior government officials in Delta with top members of the Peoples Democratic Party, the governor said the contractors handling the Okpanam road are working seriously on the road but the full relief will come in February 2019.

Governor Okowa further said the underground drainage being done by the china civil engineering construction company (CCECC) running through DLA, Agric road, Jesus saves road, Nnebisi and the federal medical centre area was properly surveyed before it was embarked upon.

He said the proper survey was done so as to ensure good job was done and avoid returning after it is completed by the construction firm.

He said members of the Nigerian society of engineers were involved in the survey process, a development which led to submitting 8 options which were to cost N30billion but the state went for three critical options which would gulp N11.3billion.

He said CCECC promised delivering the ongoing project by the end of May about two months from now.

He also said the drainage that would the Delta broadcasting service area is awarded to Setraco construction company.

Though he said when he visited the construction site by Setraco, he was not too pleased, he was, however, assured by the firm that in two weeks time, the company would do a good job that will impress the governor.

He, however, said the DBS area flood control would also be delivered in 2019.

The governor also told journalists that his administration has awarded the Oko road for construction as one of the biggest news to the Oko people who have clamoured for the construction of the road for a very long period of time.

The governor said: “We have awarded the first phase of the Oko road for construction. It is a tall task we have decided to face. A lot of governments have looked at that road and shied away from it but we have decided to take it up. We are taking it from Oko Amakom as the first phase.”

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