Onuesoke: Buhari has no constitutional right to sign executive order, says it’s an aberration

The recent executive order signed by President Muhammadu Buhari has been called an executive rascality, as the president has no such power to take citizens properties without due process.

Reacting to the Executive Order No. 6, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Sunny Onuesoke, said the president erred in the signing as can be done in a situation of chaos and war which is not the case with this order.

Speaking with journalists, Onuesoke said: “Executive orders are made during the state of chaos, inter country wars or could be for internal crisis, without consulting the National Assembly, because of the processes of law making, which follows different stages of readings.”

Chief Onuesoke pointed out that because of such urgent and security situations, the president is allowed to proclaim an executive order, but not an order against personal property of Nigerians, while there are institutions established to investigate such wealth and properties.

“The president has power to issue a presidential order, not an order against people’s property, when there are the law courts, the constitution is there to take care of ill-gotten wealth and agencies and institutions that handles such.

“The president has no right to sign an executive order to freeze people’s accounts, it’s an aberration, internationally, nationally, constitutionally, and it’s against the charter of the United Nations on human rights.”

The PDP chieftain called on Nigerians to resist the order, as it’s against their right to acquire properties, as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.

Meanwhile, the social crusader has described the just concluded election in Ekiti state as a far cry from what Nigerians expected from the Independent National Election Commission (INEC), and the federal government, as the state was locked up and invaded with federal might to intimidate the opposition and the people of the state.

He condemned the use of federal might by the All Progressive Congress federal government to win election by all means, using state apparatus, causing fear and intimidation in the minds of the people of Ekiti. He stressed that the election was won by the APC candidate not by the vote of the people, but by the assistance of the election umpire.

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