Onuesoke to Nigerians: Nothing special about Atiku’s visit to US, Nigeria’s president will be voted by Nigerians

As the issue of the issuance of United States’ visa to Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate in 2019 general election, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, continues to generate uproar in the country, PDP chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has said there is nothing special in Atiku’s visit to United States.

Onuesoke, who made the statement while speaking to newsmen in Sokoto when the Turaki of Adamawa kick started his campaign argued that he is yet to be convinced how Atiku’s obtaining USA visa or visit to  the US  would better the lives of Nigerians by reducing the level of poverty, improve security of lives and property, give  stable electricity, ensure our roads are in good condition, educational institutions are what they supposed to be, and hospitals are equipped.

“Is traveling to the USA an achievement? Nigerians who did this to us? I remember when they use to come to Nigeria because our economy was good. If Atiku staying in Nigeria would get Nigeria working again please he doesn’t need to travel. What does travel to USA add to our GDP, what job does it create for Nigeria or will it increase the value of our naira to the dollar?,” he queried.

Onuesoke, a former Delta state governorship aspirant said what would have mattered to Nigerians is whether or not Atiku has looted public funds and if so, why has he not been arrested and prosecuted by Obasanjo, Jonathan and now Buhari?

He said it is immaterial whether Atiku entered the US or not because Nigerian voters will decide who become the president in 2019 and not US voters.

Hear him: “Enough of this nonsense. America is not a banana republic. America does not have to wait for Atiku to come to US before securing his arrest if he is indicted.  If Atiku or any foreigner commits any offence against any American citizen, US entity, US state or US federal government an indictment is made by a grand jury in his absence.

“Then any federal judge can issue an arrest warrant and FBI will contact Nigerian government for extradition. If the Nigeria government refuses, US will impose serious sanctions against Nigeria. US can then contact INTERPOL to arrest the accused anywhere in the world including Saudi Arabia and Dubai which Atiku had traveled to in recent times.

“It is one excuse after the other. First it was that  he cannot visit the US, then that the US will not issue him visa, now that even with visa he will be arrested and latest propaganda now is that all in his team are same corrupt people. Can any of you go to court and sue Atiku and his team for corruption? He asked.

Onuesoke urged PDP loyalists not be deterred by the fake news spread by the ruling, just as he advised togey their PVC ready so as to vote APC bad government in 2019.

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