Onuesoke wants legal backing to compel companies on corporate social responsibility

Chief Sunny Onuesoke, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta, has called for a legislative framework by the national assembly for the implementation of CSR, making it a legal and enforceable commitment on the part of oil operators in host communities.

Onuesoke made this known during a presentation at a seminar in Port-Harcourt, on host community relationship and oil operators.

He said “the fact that there is no legal backing for accessing CSR by host communities from oil operators, it gives room for inadequate and lackadaisical implementation of CSR”

Onuesoke further opined that a Legalized CSR in the country would ensure that host communities are entitled to such claims, however, notwithstanding the position of such oil operators.

“CSR helps to smoothen and lubricate the relationship between host communities and the oil operators in ensuring the continuous flow of input from both parties.

“The environment of business operates an open system, therefore the relationship between oil operators and host communities ought to be a symbiotic mutual relationship that tends to benefit both parties” he further asserted.

Onuesoke further called on the national assembly to consider giving legislative backing to CSR implementation, thereby making it mandatory and compulsory for oil operators to make their policy priority for CSR implantation in their respective host communities.

Finally, He argued that the need for the legalization of CSR has become paramount due to the heavy damages done to the environment of the host communities by oil operators. Nigeria can take example from india which is the only country in the world with legislated CSR under the India companies Act 2013.

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