Opinion: Nigeria’s problem is small minds occupying great offices

As the sea anemone attaches itself to the sturdiest boulder in the Atlantic, so does the random socialites, political lobbyists, power brokers or social butterfly attaches itself to the most powerful social and political cabal. Hence, the unmitigated reason desperadoes congregate around them like a flock of Sheep responding to the shepherd’s summons.

Nigeria is obviously at the state of uncertainty at the moment. The problem of Nigeria is the quality of people that are elected into the public space. One of the tragedies that have struck the Nigerian state is small minds occupying great offices. Visionary leadership, accountability and equity have been decimated by politics of vested interests, corruption, unemployment, carnage, thereby subjecting many to internal suffering and grief as their destiny.

The constitutional crisis loading in Nigeria stimulated by the conflict of interest between the National Assembly and the presidency bellows like a hurricane stuck in a marigold or sub-urban azalea. The epic battle has been raising dust, breaking traditions, precipitating political blocs and stagnating governance. It is largely responsible for the delay in the passage of 2018 budget in a competitive race for pride and constitutional bragging rights.

Governance is as dull as ditch water without the passage of its budget especially as months turn into a crucial year of elections. As each party attempts to outsmart each other gravitating towards the prophecies of the constitution(which is a very jealous document), the judiciary has no doubt become the beautiful bride in the fiasco with some judges assured of crisp notes in foreign and local currencies from the head honchos bankrolling the war.

One wonders, why a sitting federal government would be fighting for an election sequence, using Accord Party faithful as pseudo agent despite its claims of achievements and followings. This therefore means that your influence as a leader is not predicated on the size of your following but on the energy of your focus and the impact you make. The era of intimidating oppositions with rented crowds is over.

It is only those who were caught in the scammed promise of reducing the sky to skyscraper accessible by humanity bandied by the present government that will be rattled by the sacred cow posturing of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, after reportedly flouting the president’s order.  Calling for his head is expending useful energy considering what he is being positioned to facilitate during the next election and his ingenious role as the police chief who captained the security ship for the controversial Kano presidential election of 2015.

The political dummy sold by the ruling party’s chieftains that supporting President Buhari in 2019 by the Igbos will gift them with presidency in 2023 is not only comic but tales by moonlight. That statement can only be swallowed hook, line and sinker by neophytes who are ignorant of the Nigerian political terrain which is saturated with deceit and broken promises.

This banana peel orientation has moulded the political configuration of the likes of Governor Rochas Okorocha, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu and others who are now scheming to take over power from President Buhari in 2023, if he eventually wins in 2019.

By this arrangement, Governor Rochas Okorocha will be supported to the senate ahead of 2019 and will be crowned the senate president against the senate standing rule of first timers taken principal positions, thus positioning him for the eventual presidential coronation as a settlement for his unalloyed fraternity with the Fulanis. This is the reason Orji Uzor Kalu is calling for former President Obasanjo’s arrest knowing that he will be a great albatross to the plot.

Igbos should not give in to this deceit because another four years of the present administration will be dangerous. True statesmen think of the next generation while self-serving politicians think of the next election. A sheep cries by bleating but the roaring of a lion is never a sign of crying but danger lurking in the corner. The strength of Nigeria is in her population, so let’s convert our statistics to economic capital.

This opinion article was written by AGADA IKECHUKWU in Lagos


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