Pastor Kumuyi speaks on hope for Nigeria as Gowon leads Nigeria Prays team to Deeper Life


Pastor William Kumuyi, the general superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry on Sunday, said that despite the economic and security challenges confronting Nigeria, there is hope for the people of Nigeria.

Pastor Kumuyi, whose international headquarters church hosted the Nigeria Prays team, an organization headed by Nigeria’s former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, said despite the economic woes and security challenges in the country, Nigeria still has hope of reclaiming the lost glory.

Speaking on “Divine Assurance when Nigeria Prays” and taking his leading text from 2 Chronicles 7: 12-14 where the Bible says: “If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face…,” Pastor Kumuyi said God has assured Nigerians of answer to prayers if Nigerians could pray.

Kumuyi said as God answered the prayers of Solomon, the King of Israel, God is ready to answer purposeful national prayers for the salvation and emancipation of Nigeria from the shackles of economic woes, security challenges and challenges of ethnic diversity.

“There is hope in our heart on the basis of the word of God. God is saying the river of His mercy flows to all nations. As we pray, there is hope for our nation. Things will turn around for the good of all Nigerians as we pray for the nation,” Pastor Kumuyi said.

He said though some persons had said Nigeria would disintegrate, he said the Nigeria nation will not disintegrate, assuring that the country will grow as Christians continue to pray.

He said one way that will lead to the healing of the nation is the acceptance of the people of Nigeria as being part of the problem of the nation, insisting that Nigerians, by their conduct, have contributed to the challenge bedeviling the nation.

He said Nigerians must do the right thing and ready to change their ways as pre-condition for God to heal the wounds and transform the nation.

He said God will forgive the sins of Nigeria as forgiveness removes guilt, condemnation as clears the way for God to move in and transform the economy of the nation.

He told the large crowd that gathered at the headquarters church and all the centres across Nigeria where the message was transmitted through satellite that God will recreate and give grace for new life in Nigeria.

“God will heal our land. What I mean is that he will bring recovery, restoring past glory, recovering our healthcare system, we need healing for our healthcare system, our economy needs healing, we need national peace, national security, everybody benefitting from the good of the land. God will grant us peace, progress and prosperity. We shall have a nation of our dreams,” Pastor Kumuyi said.

Earlier, General Yakubu Gowon, who is the convener of the Nigeria Prays organization, compared the international headquarters of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry to the temple Solomon built in the Bible days.

He described Kumuyi as a great mathematician for Christ, noting that over the years he has watched Kumuyi with great admiration, considering his personal life, commitment to the ministry and passion for the work of God.

He said through the Nigeria Prays organization which has been existing for the past 22 years, Nigeria has been able to mobilize Christians of all denominations to pray for the country, adding that Nigeria has experienced transformation through the prayer project.

Gowon, who was the military head of state during the Nigerian civil war, told the gathering that Nigeria needed unity as only through such unity of purpose coupled with sincere prayers that God could heal the land of Nigeria.

He called on all Nigerians to be committed to the good of the nation irrespective of political and religious affiliations and ethnic divides.


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