PDP chieftain fumes, says Buhari has demarketed us for saying Nigerian youths are lazy, uneducated

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has expressed deep anger over the actions of President Muhammadu Buhari, particularly his statement of running down Nigerian youths before the international community.

President Buhari was said to have described Nigerian youths as lazy and uneducated and always seeking to get everything free in Nigeria. The statement has been generating harsh reactions from all sections of the country, though the presidency has said that the statement of the president was misinterpreted to the advantage of haters of the president.

Onuesoke, who was a governorship aspirant in Delta state and a stalwart of the ruling PDP in the state, told Emeraldng.com that President Buhari’s government has not provided any avenue for Nigerian youths to develop themselves, yet he has the gut to call Nigerian youths lazy and uneducated.

Onuesoke, who expressed anger over the president’s actions, said Nigerians are unhappy with the statement as it has rubbished the image of the Nigerian youths in the international community.

He said even leaders of countries that provide safety nets and social security for their people have never come to the public to castigate and whitewash their people, but Nigeria’s president who does not show concern for his people could go to the foreign world to run down Nigerian youths.

He said Nigerians are suffering unemployment, both Keynesian and classical, repressed inflation but the president could still insult the sensibilities of the Nigerian youths.

Onuesoke, who has been in the forefront for the enthronement of PDP at the central government and continuity of PDP at the state level, said many Nigerian youths are struggling to find livelihood in music, showbiz, education, working as bus conductors, mechanics and tailors, insisting that these and others are many jobs Nigerian youths are engaged in to make living for themselves.

He said: “Here, Nigerians provide power, security and everything that should ordinarily be the responsibility of the government and the president could so deride us.

“His contempt for local media is what makes him become loquacious when abroad.  This is not the first time he is insulting our collective intelligence. How dare he call Nigerian youths illiterates.

“Every year thousands of graduates are churned out of the tertiary institutions and no job.  It is an insult. In fact we have never being this insulted by any leader.

“When he was military head of state, he said Nigerians are useless and undisciplined, but now he took it too far. His generation refused to give the next generation chance.  At over 85years he is still fighting to be president because of the lucre of the office.

“Buhari must be voted out. There are so many things fundamentally wrong in that statement.

“Nigeria is not known to practice welfarism. For the president who knows deep down that the government has never provided comprehensive welfare scheme for Nigerians to come out to say things about the youth is a shame on the nation.

“There is no social security, no plan for the young ones, no data on the number of births and deaths.

“The average Nigerian youth makes lots of efforts to get things done apart from the few privileged ones whose parents have been in politics from time immemorial and could afford to “bash” a power bike worth over 56million in a country where the minimum wage is set at $50per month not up to 4hrs wage in a sane society and Mr. President could show his contempt for the growing population.

“In saner climes, this man has just shot himself on the foot irreversibly and cannot contest an election.

“But due to ethnic and religious bigotry this man will still come out to campaign and the youths would be his supporters making his claim appear true. This was a fora where he could have attracted foreign direct investments only to demarket us.”

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