PDP chieftain, Onuesoke, advocates reasons for supporting Atiku’s moves for privatization of refineries

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has explained the reasons why he joined others to throw his weight behind proposed privatization of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other sectors of the economy by PDP presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Onuesoke, who spoke to journalists on Monday after arising from a meeting of Atiku Caucus Group in Lagos said privatization of the refineries and other sectors of the economy will not only eradicate corruption, but it will strike balance, equity and fairness across the geo-political zones of the country.

He disclosed that privatization will kill corruption and create jobs for youths, just as he advised that government should deepen on taxes from the private sector.

“Come to developed world and see how the private sectors are booming and employment too. In Germany a lot of companies are looking for workers,” he revealed.

He said that with the level of corruption going on in NNPC, it is pertinent to deregulate the sector and allow private enterprises a chance to thrive.

“The privatisation of the existing refineries in the country would create opportunities for new ones that will be viable and efficient to meet the needs of the nation,‘’ he explained.

He described those against the privatization of NNPC as ignorant because they do not know about the wastage taking place in the corporation.

According to him: “The wastage in NNPC is much and government has no business running it. As long as it remains in government hands it will continue to be a tool for massive corruption for any president that comes in.

Let’s ask ourselves a simple question. What has Nigerians benefitted from NNPC since it was created aside from sharing and stealing money from there?

“We have a government that runs the place that says subsidy is a fraud, but pays higher subsidies than previous government after increasing the price of fuel. When will Nigerians get sense?

“Some antagonists will say what come of electricity after privatization? What they should understand is that if our electricity is fully privatised like Nitel, the problem of electricity could have been gone like telephone today. Look at peace airline that started some years ago is doing well, but Nigeria airways is grounded.”

He advised Nigeria electorate to cast their votes for Aiku Abubakar because he is the man God has  chosen to lift Nigeria out of poverty, ignorance and disease.

“He will lift Nigeria from being the poverty capital of the world to a country where even those who do not support him would come to love him. I appeal to all Nigerians to, for once, rise above their personal prejudices and put Atiku to work for Nigeria,” he appealed.


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