PDP chieftain, Onuesoke, reacts to election postponement, blasts Mahmood over gross incompetence


There is absolutely no reason for INEC to postpone the elections though its very obvious to all that the electoral umpire has been compromised.

The reason being put forward as the excuse for the postponement of election are self instigated.

They had 48 months to prepare for the election only for them to call for postponement less than six hours to the election.

That is the height of insensitivity and irresponsibility on the part of INEC and I think the INEC boss should take the path of honour by resigning from the position as INEC boss without delay having displayed high level if incompetence.

You may want to argue that formet President Jonathan also postponed election in 2015, but then it was not possible to hold elections in some parts of the country, especially the north east that was being ravaged by the dreaded Boko Haram, hence there was legitimate reason to postpone the elections in 2015.

We are shocked beyond words to wake up on election day only to realize that elections have been postponed. It is clear to all that the outcome of the elections is tilted toward the PDP, hence the failed APC Led government, having realized that Nigerians have rejected them and seeing the writing on the wall of a prospective defeat at polls , connived with INEC to come up with such inexcusable logistics reasons for the postponement of the elections.

Logistics reasons which they created by themselves, hence in the past 48 hours we have been hearing bombing of INEC offices in some states, non-availability of sensitive materials, destruction of uncollected PVCs and other flimsy excuses.

All these are calculated attempts by INEC in connivance with APC to swindle Nigerians into accepting the postponement of the election in order to perfect their rigging plan.

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