PDP chieftain rebukes Buhari’s aide, says Lauretta Onochie a frustrated woman, hence she insults everbody the way she likes

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain, Chief Sunny Okpako Onuesoke, has condemned in strong termS the statement credited to President Muhammdu Buhari’s social media aide, Lauretta Onochie, in which she asked Dino Melaye to allow the president and his led administration to be at peace.

Beside other derogatory statement on the person of Melaye in print media, Onochie was alleged to have said via her tweeter handle that Dino needed a proper mental evaluation before giving access to NASS and permission to contribute during plenary.

Reacting to Onochie’s statement on the issue during an official duty to Abuja, Onuesoke urged Onochie to stop insulting the sensibilities of Senator Dino’s constituent that recently gave him a vote of confidence in the midst of recall by Buhari and his puppet in Kogi, adding that those that require mental evaluation are those that are silent while tyranny thrives.

“Senator Dino is quite decent compared to you. He’s an uncommon Nigerian. He’s for the people, Dino is the champion of the masses and the gates of hell shall never prevail against him. They tried to stop him from talking but failed and still they have not learnt any lesson,” Onuesoke said, adding that Onochie should have challenged him to show that what the president said is false or wrong, or preserve shameful silence.

Wondering between Dino and Onochie who needed psychiatrist evaluation more, Onuesoke accused her of always abusing and insulting others instead of defending allegations leveled against her Principal’s administration.

Hear him: “This woman is all about abuses and insults. You can hardly hear a civil communication from her and this is supposed to be a government spokesperson. Are these the kind of technocrats in APC government? She is so unarticulated.

“So unrefined in manner. What a frustrated woman. All her type can showcase to the citizenry is foul language, bad character and uncharitable insults. She is maladjusted. Maybe she holds a huge grudge against men and society.”

Describing her attitude as very unbecoming for a presidential spokesperson on social media to descend into the mud,  Onuesoke maintained that her attitude showed the lack of maturity and preparedness of APC government.

“Give Dino or any citizen of Nigeria space to express their freedom of speech. Besides, he has not yet been convicted of any alleged offenses. The presidency should be above this and not engage in tit for tat. By responding to Dino, he is only given a larger audience and making him more popular.

He advised that,  she should be cautioned on how she speak on air, recalling that, that is how she called everybody from the South an anti-Buhari on a radio program.

“Such a word is capable of breaking Nigeria,” Onuesoke noted

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