Police move to investigate mysterious death of nine month baby at FMC

Authorities of the Bayelsa state police command has confirmed the commencement of investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of a nine months old baby, Jidena,  at the federal medical centre over alleged drug overdose.

According to the spokesman of the Bayelsa state police command, Asinim Butswat, the police are investigating the incident to ensure that anyone found guilty in the death of the baby is apprehended and made to face the law.

It gathered that the authority of the federal medical center also showed signs of pressure over the alleged demand to reveal the identity of a female doctor that administered drugs that led to the death of nine month old baby.

The parents of the deceased baby, Mr. and Mrs. Mbonu Joseph, in a Save Our Soul message called on the Nigerian police force and Nigeria Medical Association in Yenagoa to help grant justice to their deceased son that died as a result of the recklessness of the management of the FMC.

The bereaved couple in their message said: “We want justice for our son because we made a promise to him that we would use his death to fight for other innocent children who are dying in that hospital.”

Recounting events that led to the death of her son, Mrs. Mbonu said: “I took my son to the hospital because he was not looking well to me. After tests were conducted, a female doctor looked at the test results and began to administer drugs to my son.

“She was shaking a liquid inside a bottle she had dropped a tablet. My curiosity was drawn to what she was doing, when a doctor standing close to her told her she should have divided the drug into two equal halves before mixing because the single tablet would be too much for my son.

“But she told the doctor that according to test results, the dose was appropriate for my baby and wanted to inject my baby with it. When I also made attempts to stop her she yelled saying whether I wanted to teach her how to do her job.

“That was how I left her to inject my baby. Soon after my baby was injected, he started vomiting profusely. It was then that I started shouting for help but it was too late. At that point the doctor sneaked out of the ward, and left my baby to die in my arms.”

However, the management of the FMC has assured residents of the state that it would stop at nothing to ensure that all those that took part in the event that led to the death of the baby are punished if found guilty.

The public relations officer of the FMC, Akebi Benard, told journalists in Yenagoa that the management of the hospital has set up a panel of inquiry to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Jidena.

“The management of FMC is not happy about what happened. So, we are waiting for the report of the panel so we can take necessary actions against all those that took part in the death of the baby,” he added.

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