Re-Financial scandal rocks Delta poly as Rector syphons millions of naira: Point of order

It is disheartening to learn that the social media platform which is supposed to be used to further faster information dissemination has been hijacked by jobless individuals who called themselves reporters.These reporters are fed with spurious information by disgruntled elements who may have failed in their bid to have their personal interest projected over the general good of the public.

It is not usual with the management of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro to join issues with faceless journalists whose stock in trade is to spread unfounded and spurious information to the public domain. We do know that in-depth journalism is founded on the platform of intensive and extensive investigation and not reporting on the face value only to score cheap popularity in order to gain attention.

As a matter of fact, we wish to bring to the fore the falsehood and unfounded allegation being spread by one SebastineAgbefe and the ‘hard reporters’ of the social media network, and to advise the duo to be guided accordingly:

Denial of Accreditation Status

The said SebastineAgbefe and his ‘hard reporters’ alleged that due to the  wanton corruption and siphoning of the institution’s funds rocking the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro, departments and programmes run by the institution have failed accreditation that is yet to commence, as the institution has only recently received notification of accreditation exercise due in July, 2018 by NBTE. Perhaps, they hold their readership audience explanation to this spurious falsehood.

Recruitment of Staff and Ethnic Coloration

This, the said Sebastine and his ‘hard reporters’ failed to investigate before misinforming the public. Let it be known to them that employment and recruitment of academic and non-academic staff is the prerogative of the State Government without which the institution cannot do otherwise. Also, subjection and intimidation of staff of Isoko extraction as alleged, further exposed the level of ignorance and unprofessionalism of these mischief makers to have used their follies to deceive the public. Professor Akpodiete O.J. grew up in Isoko land and has cordial relationship with the people of isoko extraction (both South and North). It would be unfair to link a man with marginalization craving against the ethnic group among whom he grew up. His interaction with the people of this ethnic group lends credence to the simple fact that he feels at home with every Isoko speaking person.

Financial Impropriety and Reckless Execution of Contracts

Again, it is pertinent to educate Mr. Sebastine and his cohorts that the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro is run by a Governing Council which responsibility is to make approval for any project in the institution as well as enforces its oversight function of controlling the expenditure of the institution which the Rector takes orders willy-nilly. To misinform the public about a Reverend gentleman misappropriating huge sums of monies within a space of less than two years in office,without recourse to Council is the height of mischief, and high time the public got to know the personal motive of the ‘Hardreporters’ brand of journalism.

The concern of building the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro to a citadel of  academic excellence by the management, is a commitment that spurious journalism like the kind being mastered by the ‘Hardreporters’ would not deter it from its avowed pursuit. Therefore, we wish to advise Sebastine and his group of journalists that, rather than hiding under the cover of social media to mud-sling Chief Executive Officers of reputable organizations like ours, they should come out clean and seek to practice real journalism through the platform of the conventional newspapers to assume the active role of the ‘watchdog of society’ a sobriquet of investigative journalism.

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Delta State Polytechnic




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