Read how Nigeria police, following orders, made fool of themselves today in Abuja

Now it is confirmed that Buhari is not only politically foolish but is surrounded by moles.  Do you know that Saraki left his house at midnight through back door and entered Senate chambers at midnight while Buhari boys called police were in front of his house and in front of National Assembly waiting for him.

He obviously had info of the siege from an insider.  The one that makes Nigerian police a laughing stock was when a fake convoy tried to move out of Saraki’s house and police was flexing their muscle shouting they are under order while Saraki was sipping green tea at his senate chambers’ office.

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He equally switched off and dropped his phone at home so his location could not be traced and now he has adjourned plenary till September.

Just today alone, APC became minority at the Senate while APC members loyal to Buhari were having meeting at Protea Hotel, the same mistake they made that produced Saraki and Ekweremadu.

Buhari and his local boys obviously do not learn, no wonder his cabinet is filled with certificate forgers as they refused to learn from teachers.

Same thing is happening in their political life. Saraki obviously in just few hours told Buhari and his cohorts that they know not politics- Sunny Onuesoke

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