Read the exciting details of how Aniocha North chairman runs his family amidst mounting official pressure


Chairman of Aniocha North local government area of Delta state, Chuks Oseme, on Tuesday, said that he has learnt to separate the challenges of his job from his family, noting that the pressure of his official job has never and will never be transferred to his family whom he described as being dear to his heart.

Oseme, who said he is the first chairman of the local government serving second term in the history of the council, told journalists under the auspices of Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN) in his office that he is lucky to have a good wife.

He said his wife, a lecturer, has been very helpful to him, noting that as soon as he closes from office, he tries not to take the office pressure along with him to his home.

He said for someone not wise, the infighting in the office could lead to the hospital on a daily basis “but I have been able to manage all the stresses. My family comes first in my life. Once I leave the office, I drop the garment of chairman and I become Oseme everybody knows.

“The job is sweet-sour. I don’t take the sour home. The challenges I meet here cannot affect my family. One of the hazards of the job is that the position brings tears and wears, but I don’t allow pressure to follow me home. The position will come and go but my family remains.”

Answering a question on his plan when he leaves office as chairman in the next two years, Oseme said he believes in destiny, noting that nobody has control over destiny.

He said his political sojourn is a destiny and that the next phase of his life after office as chairman will be determined by God.

Oseme, who said the allegations against his office by some members of the legislative arm of the council were false, said such are part of the hazards of the job.

He said the allegations should be discountenanced, insisted that every action has official process, adding that petitions are like queries, hence there are establishments that deal with such issues in government.

“Anybody can level allegations against anybody. Majority of my councilors are in good working relationship with me. I know where all the allegations are coming from.

“It’s a personal vendetta from a person. He is in the minority. One person is not equal to 14. We have 14 councilors in the legislative arm of the council. I appeal to the public to discountenance all these allegations and join hands with us to move the council forward.”

While he agreed that his relationship with the legislative arm is not completely fantastic, he said that work is in progress to cement grey areas, adding, however, that he is in good relationship with majority of the councilors.

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