Read what Nigerians across North and South said after Atiku, Obi’s interview on NTA

Emmanuel Udoka: There is certainly no basis for comparison, Atiku and Buhari no be mate. Atiku is far ahead and better prepared for the job.

Awele Ideal: I’m impressed with Atiku and Obi’s performance. They came very well prepared.

Christian Onwugbolu: Wait, people are actually surprised that Atiku is articulate and well versed in socio-economic matters. Buhari really damaged our expectation of Nigerian presidents.

Festus Tony Praise: With what i watched on TVCnews, I thank God Buhari didn’t debate with Atiku. Atiku came prepared.

Maxi Onukwube Ofoelue: Mastery, Peter Obi is really good.

Precious Agberia Takufia: Forget it, Atiku is sound.

Emmanuel Udoka: Kadaria is ridiculous!! A man has been creating jobs all his career and you are asking him people are poor in Adamawa?

Uche Flicky Ozah: You compare Buhari to Atiku!!! Compare Peter Obi with Osibanjo!! You need to be checked. And yes, this is my opinion.

Achilleus Chud Uchegbu: Consequence of TheCandidates tonight that all undecided voters now root for Atiku/Obi.

Collins Agwam: I hope you are all watching Atiku and Obi? These guys make me proud… Nigeria will be great again.

Wilson Junior: Atiku and Obi are sound products in the area of governance.

Chiedu Ikechukwu: Naturally, I just like Peter Obi, the man is full of brain and wisdom. He talks with sense and has a straight forward speech.

Achilleus Chud Uchegbu: We now know why the Nnia Nwodo led Ohaneze cannot be wrong.

Ben Murray Bruce: Under pressure, Atiku did not crack. This is the kind of leader Nigeria needs. A leader who will never crack under pressure. This is why I will vote for Atiku. The environment was hostile, yet he was friendly and professional.

Godswill Onoruke: Nigeria can now decide between Atiku/Obi and Buhari/Osibanjo. The difference is clear. It is over.

Agholor King Abwest: I’m seeing some APC guys on my timeline claiming Atiku used jazz.

Prince Isire: i will begin my campaign for Atiju after presidential rally in Asaba. APC get ready- enough is enough.

Alenju Kattey: Oh my God, how does Obi eeel out figures without making reference to any book. Jeezzz, the man is intelligent.

Prince Henry Nwazuruoha: They planned it for evil, but it has turned out to be PDP’s best advert.

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