Reno Omokri issues warning to Buhari against rigging 2019 presidential election with under aged Fulanis

Reno Omokri, President Muhammadu Buhari’s strong critic, has warned the president not to contemplate ever rigging the 2019 presidential election as he did in the 2015 general election.

In his twitter handle, he said Nigerian will not accept such as factual evidence are being gathered, noting that Buhari will not get away with it if he does.

He advised the president to return to his homosexual cows in Daura peacefully.

Read the full tweet:

“Muhammadu Buhari, I warn you, if you try to rig your way back to power with underaged voters, Nigerians will not accept it.

“We are gathering factual evidence of this and other acts. You will not get away with it! Just prepare to return to your homosexual cows in Daura peacefully.”

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