Revealed: After winning elections, see the biggest challenge of Nigerian politicians


Faith Nwadishi, executive director of Koyenum Immalah Foundation, on Wednesday said that managing expectation of voters after election is the biggest challenge for political office holders in a developing country as Nigeria.

She said many politicians make fabulous promises which they most times cannot fulfill on assumption of office, noting that politicians should not make promises they cannot fulfill to the electorates.

Nwadishi spoke as one of the discussants who featured in the first annual Maris lecture organised by Maris Schools in Asaba, the Delta state capital.

Nwadishi, who spoke alongside Fred Majemite, Senator Stella Omu and others, insisted that promises during electioneering campaigns should be fulfilled.

This is so because they have lifted the hearts of the people and through those promises they have won the peoples hearts and consequently won the elections.

Disagreeing with the saying that society gets the kind of government it deserves, she said it is the returning officers in elections that announce results of elections but when politicians go round to brine them to declare false results, the government that emanates from such is not the government of the people.

She also said most politicians impose themselves on the people by employing every possible means to intimidate and forcefully secure votes against the wish of the people, using services of the police and army to achieve their selfish goals.

Following the above scenario, she said the system is faulty and needed to be corrected for needed development and to get the right people in positions of authority.

Others who spoke included Senator Stella Omu who said corruption has been from bible days, citing instances where the Pharisees bribes Israelites who who witnessed the resurrection of Christ to proclaim that it was the disciples of Christ who stole the body of Christ from the grave and not that he resurrected.

Senator Omu said Nigerians must move out of corruption to a level of integrity and sincerity to have good governance and make appreciable progress.

The first annual Maris Lecture under the theme: “Managing Post election challenges using Nigeria as a case study” drew who is who in Delta state where Chief Williams Makinde, managing director of Delta state oil producing areas development commission, gave lecture on the chosen theme.

The orchid hotel hall was heavily packed as people from all walks of life stormed the event where Fidelis Egugbo, secretary of Maris Trust Fund thanked God for a successful event.

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