Rights group to police: Jail officers who impounded woman’s vehicle leading to her being robbed, killed in Warri

A human rights activist, Prince Kehinde Taiga, has called for the immediate legal action against the police officers who intercepted and impounded the Toyota Sienna Bus with Reg. AGL 822 EY belonging to late Mrs. Ughochukwu Grace Dagbo, a 42-year-old mother of four who was killed by robbers along Ovwian road in Warri.

Prince Taiga, Delta state chairman of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR) in a telephone conversation with our correspodent, alleged that the untimely death of the female decorator was ochestrated by the police.

“In our view on this issue, we are looking at it that it can be a collaboration or a plan between the police and the armed robbers because if the police did not take away the vehicle of this woman, she wouldn’t have lost her life”.

While accusing the police of what they would get in any case instead of carrying out thorough investigation, Prince Taiga said: “the police should be prosecuted accordingly because they are the cause of the lady’s death.”

His words: “The problem of the police is how much am I going to make from this case. They are no longer ready to protect lives and property neither are they ready to discharge their duties as service to their fatherland but what they are going to benefit at the end of the day.”

He continued: “that is their problem and that has destroyed the image of the police. So, all the police involved in this very act should be prosecuted and jailed”, he insisted.

He observed that when a crime occurs in an area, the police are expected to raid the area where the crime takes place to investigate and apprehend the culprits, alleging that the reverse is the case.

“Because if somebody dies in an area where people live, the police should come and raid everybody that is living in that area where the crime was committed. But when they come to the scene of crime, they will raid everybody not for them to arrest the culprit but to extort money from them”, stressing that the police on duty should not be allowed to go, they should face the law.

He further accused the police of taking the law into their hands by invading the privacy of citizens, “what they do is to check peoples’ phones, extort money from drivers and passengers as the case maybe which is unlawful.

Meanwhile, he disclosed that the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights would take to the streets if the police involved in the case are not prosecuted and jailed.

Hear him: “if the police on duty on that day that took her vehicle from her to the station are not prosecuted, we are going to take a protest against them because they violate peoples’ rights”.

He alleged further that sometimes ago, the police heavily armed extorted a whooping sum of N100,000 from a man, “the police took the young man to the ATM where N100,000 was extorted from him. That is armed robbery not even a police work because they were armed. When money is collected from somebody forcefully with the aides of arms, that is armed robbery. The police have turned themselves to be armed robbers on the road”, he purported.

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