See what 2019 election postponement has caused Nigerians and international community

The postponement of the 2019 general elections has done a lot of damage to Nigerians. Many Nigerians have traveled from one length of the country to the other just to vote.

Many Nigerians see this election as very important because of the issues surrounding the nation, hence they have made serious decisions to vote irrespective of all odds.

A friend just said a lecturer from Kaduna plytechnic traveled to Ogwashi Uku in Delta state to cast his vote and in less than five hours to election INEC made an unwelcome announcement, postponing elections to the consternation of all Nigerians.

Media people who are ready for the coverage across the world, from BBC, CNN, VOA, domestic media organisations, international and local observers and other people are all in different parts of the country. So much money has been spent and allow me to say wasted on flight and roads with all the attendant hazards.

Churches and other organisations have all postponed their programmes, burial ceremonies postponed and other meetings and events including weddings fixed for February 23 and March 9, 2019. And now INEC wants to spoil their rides and marriage ceremonies. This is because no event other than election must hold on the election day.

So much money has been spent traveling across the country. For INEC, electoral officers and security personnel have all been mobilised across the country for the business of the day.

INEC cannot be exonerated for this postponement. There must be ulterior motive for this eleventh hour postponement. If not, why should INEC distribute materials across Nigeria when it knows some issues have not been addressed?

Peoole’s blood has risen, set to vote and the winner emerge and before waking up from a long sleep, INEC spoilt their day. For me, Mahmood has skeleton in his cupboard for the postponement of the election.

As it is now, some peoples votes have been lost, either PDP or APC must have lost some precious votes.

The reason is simple. You cant imagine someone having traveled from Lagos to Enugu or Kaduna to Warri and election is postponed. Do you expect him to travel again next week? Is INEC paying them or providing transport for them?

INEC did not give any cogent reason for postponing an election which international community has sent observers all over the nation to witness. What is logistics challenge that INEC did not know before it began distributing materials?

INEC has goofed and its ulterior plans cannot materialise. May God help Nigeria.

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