Enugu East senatorial candidate alleges plot to kidnap, kill his family members barely 18 days to election

There has been a spate of plans by opposition elements to frustrate our candidate, Prince Lawrence Ezeh, all of which have failed woefully.

The latest, and most sinister of these plans have been uncovered by Aka Ekpuchi Ọnwa Campaign Organization, and by this press statement, we call the attention of the world to the ugly plans being hatched by these people in desperation.

Last week, a few disgruntled elements of the opposition party faked their own kidnap in a bid to frame up our candidate. As a matter of fact, someone called him on the phone to warn that if anything happened to his brother (allegedly one of the planners), he would be held responsible.

As you already must know, the plan was busted even before they carried it out and it failed. The planners are not resting and have decided to carry out more sinister plans. We are hereby alleging that:

1. There are plans to kidnap the aged parents of Prince Lawrence Ezeh, Igwe and Lolo Emmanuel Ezeh;

2. The planners also intend to kidnap other relatives and /or associates of Prince Ezeh;

3. The kidnap plan may also involve killing their victims, and these measures are being hatched in order to unsettle him and force him to back out of the senatorial race;

4. We have reasons to believe that these plans were hatched at the instance of a former governor contesting for Enugu East Senatorial zone who is scared of losing to Prince Ezeh;

5. We also have reasons to believe that several meetings have been held, and are still being held in the home of Mr Uchenna Nwobodo, who is a PDP leader in Nara Ward 2. Its at these meetings that these evil plans are being hatched;

6. These moves are being made by desperadoes who believe that politics is a do-or-die affair, and that they must win the elections. They are scared to death because they know they have no credibility to win, and have resurrected the culture of violence and intimidation which was their hallmark in their days.

7. It is on record that in the history of Mburubu and Nkanu East, there has never been a case of kidnap, and these lovers of violence and mayhem are plotting to bring this evil upon us. They will never succeed.

We call on security agencies, civil society organisations, the media and all men and women of goodwill to be on stand by regarding these allegations. The must not be treated with kid gloves.

The lives and safety of loved ones and associates of Engineer Lawrence Ezeh must not be used as pawn in order for desperate politicians to have their way in Enugu East Senatorial Zone. The culture of violence and desperate politicking is dead in Enugu State. Its proponents must never be allowed to hold power ever again.


Chief SNC Nwagu,
Director General, Aka Ekpuchi Onwa Campaign Organization.

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