Short and Sharp: Read what the aspirants told the delegates before voting began in Port Harcourt

Tambuwal: “Nigeria is looking for a unifier; a leader that can be trusted by every section of this country. I am just 52 years and I have had the privilege to be the speaker of the house of representatives and a member for 12 years.”

Saraki: “If you are looking for a 21st century leader and a lease looking to grow Nigeria, you will vote for me in the next few hours. We may think of those finding it very difficult to have a meal on their table. “Let us find a president that will make this country better.” Saraki’s supporters cheer him as he mounts the podium.

David Mark: “I am the only aspirant that has appointed a female director-general of their campaign that is because I am gender-sensitive. I will reorganise the security infrastructure to make sure if can cope with the modern trends that insurgents and kidnappers.

“With my military background, I have the knowledge and experience to tackle the issue of insecurity in this country.”

Makarfi was the caretaker chairman of PDP. He helped stabilised the party during one of its major storms.

Ahmed Makarfi: “Today is the day when the enemies of democracy can choose to either repent of commit suicide.

“Nobody gave us a chance to resurrect but our party members persevered and they believed that the future will be bright. Even if I don’t get nominated, I still remain a happy person because with your support we brought the PDP as an opposition party to a government in waiting.”

Lamido speaks: “I am not here to narrate anything about myself because you know me and I know you. When you want to vote you are going to engage two things: Your conscience and your mind. Do the wrong thing and we are in trouble. I am here because you and I are the same thing.

“I ask you today, when you want to vote, vote with your conscience and not your mind. Your conscience is my conscience and so, I am your candidate.”

“I believe today is the right time to apologise to our former administration which we thought was the worst government. Today, we have seen the worst government in the history of Nigeria,” he says.

“I am one of the luckiest people that have served this country in various capacities.”

Jonah Jang:  “I decided to get out of the comfort seat in the senate and run this race so that is can save our people from these senseless killings

“I wonder the kind progress we can make in this country if the APC government is left to continue this way. PDP is the choice of Nigerians and I am here to carry our party’s flag.”

Datti Baba-Ahmed: “2019 is the choice you are about to make. In me, you will find the shortest gap between PDP and the distant runner-up. I plead with you to vote with love, strength and faith.

“I am here for you to show that all hope is not lost and to make the world proud.”

“When they ran away from the PDP in 2015, I stayed. When you cannot fly the flag of our party, I collected nomination form and was elected governor under the PDP.”

“We have seen what Nigerians are yearning for. What I am here to tell you is that our great party has the ability to offer solutions to most of if not all of these problems. As one of those people who has enjoyed the benevolence and goodwill of our country and our party, is offering myself for service.

I have enjoyed education up to Ph.D free of charge and can tender my certificates for all my qualifications,” he continues. His remark elicited a thunderous applause from the audience

Dankwanbo: The Gombe governor brings creativity into his speech: “I am not too young to run and not too old to retire.”

Bafarawa: I want to be a Nigerian president, not a regional president. I have toured the country all by road to see the situation of things there. When you are talking of boasting the economy, you cannot do so without good roads.

If elected, I will look at the recommendations from the conferences held at various times and start implementing them. I believe if you give me your mandate, I will not let you down.

He appealed for the support required to transform Nigeria.



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