So sad! UNICAL graduate dies on the way to traditional wedding, buried with wedding gown

Mary is a graduate from the University of Calabar. She just graduated and was preparing for her wedding.

According to a facebook post by Ossai Ovie Success, on the day of her traditional marriage, she had an accident and died on the way to the marriage ceremony on January 28th. The husband survived.

Saturday, February 2, 2019 was her white wedding but rather than celebrate the wedding, she was buried in her wedding gown.

Mary was said to be a very beautiful girl with magnetic smiles.

In the post, Ossai said: “Sometimes, some things happen ordinarily, but not everything that happens ordinarily. The spiritual controls the physical.

“I have found that temptation comes from three dimensions to bring people down. And the three dimensions are;
1. Family
2. Place of work and;
3. Friends.

“Mothers, fathers, pray for your children. Brothers, sisters pray for each other. And you, pray for yourself because no one can do it better for you than your very best self.”

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