Stand up for Air Peace Boss Onyema, activist tells human rights community

A human rights activist, Rex Anighoro, has called on the human rights community in Nigeria to stand up in solidarity with Barrister Allen Onyema whom he said is not only a peace advocate but also a human rights activist. Anighoro made the call on Tuesday December 10, 2019, the day set aside by the United Nations as the international human rights day.

Speaking at the Muson Center, venue of the human rights summit, which was organized by the human rights committee of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Lagos Branch, activist Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro stated that the despicable smear campaign and media trial with a view of passing a public guilty verdict on Barrister Allen Onyema was a violation of his rights of presumed innocence by enemies of citizens’ rights.

Anighoro, the convener of the Pan African Movement for Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice (PAMPHRSJ), said he was thankful to God that the luciferous design hatched against Barrister Onyema is falling apart by the hands of providence as the Nigerian people with the support of Africans all over the world are solidly behind him having vehemently rejected his media trial and violation of his human rights.

Anighoro, who like Onyema, attended the prestigious Government College Ughelli, thanked all persons of goodwill who have shown character and mobilized clear support for Barrister Allen Onyema. He thanked the Arewa, Yoruba, Urhobo, Ijaw, Tiv, Idoma, Igbo, Ibibio people, the civil society and everyone for standing with Barrister Allen Onyema.

Activist Rex Anighoro called on President Muhammadu Buhari to work hard to earn the respect of old age by shunning his boyhood hobby and pleasure of grossly abusing the human rights of citizens stating that Nigeria under his leadership is an embarrassment to the world as his human rights records remain a monumental disaster.

“President Muhamadu Buhari must refrain from his continuous abuse of human rights, taking pleasure in torturing and abusing the rights of citizens under his watch suggests psychological deficiency and vampiric inclinations”, he stated.

He noted that the recent despicable invasion of a Federal High Court by agents of the state under his watch is satanism made manifest by the sons of Baal.

The largest gathering of human rights activists was chaired by Femi Falana, a globally recognized human rights activist and leader.

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