The scorecard of Warri south chairman, Michael Tidi, after one year in office

“A year ago, Wafarians came out in large number to choose who would serve them as the Chairman of Warri South Local Government Area.

“I remain humbled to have been entrusted as their choice. I have been working hard to live up to the high expectations of wafarians.

“As council chairman, my job is to move our council area forward.

“We have laid strong foundations throughout our 1st year in office. We will build on our success to ensure Warri South remains one of the best Local Council Area to raise a family, earn an education, and find a job.

“During the campaign, my team put forward an ambitious platform, which we have begun to implement. Some of our accomplishments include:

* Maintenance of Peace and Security

* Regular evacuation of waste within the locality

* Regular de-weeding of the environment

* Repair of some failed portions of roads

* Successful taking over of Dore and Ugbuwangue Markets from the State Government with the latter completely renovated by the Council

* Construction of 200-Open Shops in Ugbuwangue Markets (ongoing)

* Provision of Portable Water Schemes in the 19 DSIEC Wards (ongoing)

* Payment of backlog of staff salaries

* Prompt payment of staff salaries; and

* Undertaking the 1st ever Warri Economic Summit to revamp the economy of Warri.

“These accomplishments couldn’t have been possible without Warri South team of dedicated Councilors. They are committed public servants who truly care about shaping our future for the better. We will continue to collaborate on real results that will improve the quality of life for all wafarians.

“There is still more to be done. I am excited about the work ahead, and seeing it through.

“It has been an encouraging 1st year. I look forward to continue working closely with all critical stakeholders along with committed civil servants.

“Working together, we will build an even better Warri South”.

Hon. Michael E. Tidi, Ph.D

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