These areas are likely to be hottest zones during the national assembly and guber elections in Delta state

There are some cities and communities that are considered as hotbed of political violence during elections in Delta state. In every election, these places have almost become capital of violence in the oil rich state.

These hot zones are spread across the state but are common in the central area occupied predominantly by the Urhobos, an area which is mostly inhabited by the opposition members to the state ruling PDP.

From the beginning of true democracy, if any in Nigeria, the Urhobos have always been in the opposition despite being the first to produce governor of the state in 1993 and 1999.

The Urhobos have always felt, perhaps being the majority tribe in the state, to them the state belongs to the Urhobos, hence they should have the unlimited access to government house at all times to the exclusion of others.

Following this assumption, Delta central has always been the hotbed of political violence in all the elections so far witnessed in the state. And this has not augurred well for the zone.

And as the 2019 elections fever spread across the nation, there are fears that lives will be lost in mutiples that area of the state. The signs are visible everywhere.

Already, almost ten lives, mainly youths, have been lost in the tussle between PDP and APC youths in Uvwie, Effurun, Ekpan and Abraka area of the Delta area. They have always clashed and the end result is violence and eventual death.

These areas have remain zones of violence prior to elections and during elections in Delta state. Youths have always made themselves willing tools in the hands of politicians to cause mayhem, leading to destruction of properties and wasting precious lives.

Those that had died were butchered and gunned down by youths who are loyal to the two big political parties and their agents in the state.

And as we go into February 23, places like Uwvie, Effurun, Ekpan, Abraka, Ughelli are likely hot zones where violence may undoutedly break out leading to loss of precious lives. And youths who seem to find solace in being loyal to politicians have always been victims and cause of crisis.

Another area where violence is lurking at the door is Isoko north and south where the two candidates for the federal house of representatives are bent on outsmarting each other. The two candidates are political bigwigs who are ready to withstand each other financially and every area of the matter.

Emerging facts indicate that one of the politicians there has amassed guns to be used freely on that election day. Certainly, lives may be lost and youths as usual are both the victims and the culprits of such electoral violence.

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