This ace broadcast journalist wants to represent his local government at Delta state house of assembly (Read what he wrote)


Today, I take a huge leap. One, I have dedicated my life towards the well-being of the society as a ‘Backpack Broadcast Journalist’ through my objective reportage  for over a decade and as a one time Student Union Leader (01) who stood against punitive policies of the School’s Management against students while putting my graduation online, haven prayed, consulted and sought counsel

today, declare my intention to go into active politics and contest for elective position.

I intend to run for a seat as a Member of the Delta State House of Assembly (DTHA) to represent Aniocha South Constituency, come 2019.

I am contesting using the platform of Labour Party(LP)whose ideology is based on the welfare of the masses.

It is the Party that has the mantra of Forward Ever, Backward Never!

Some people say I’m bold, others say I have guts but the truth is that we have to change the narratives.

I’m doing this because I am passionate about quality service delivery to our people,who have been yearning for REAL Representation!

Haven been part of the people and as a grass rooted young man who feels the pulse of the masses in the course of my Journalism career and who is abreast with the peculiar challenges facing my people(Aniocha South) have carefully come out with these Compass as my guide.

By the Grace of God if given your mandate based trust, I will give you this acronym  ‘LEAP’ 2019 in return:


*Economic Empowerment & *Accountability Project (LEAP 2019)

To leap also means to jump, move speedily from a particular spot to another level or height, haven been stagnated as a  people over long period of time.

Public service needs to begin with us. I don’t believe in sitting down and complaining, I believe in going into the system and getting your hands dirty by doing the hard work that development requires. I believe in a sane country. I believe in a system where we would have fine elected officials in strategic places. I believe in true representation of your wishes. I believe in our future. I believe in the young people. I believe!

It is not just about today, its about tomorrow. Its about the future. Its about five, ten years from now. Its more than just the 3k, 5k or even 10k they will give you so that you can vote for them at the polls. Its about the fact that when you vote the wrong people in, you’re doomed for the next four years and another four years if possible.

Youths, let’s come together to create our tomorrow, its not just about  me, it is about us.

Let us not miss this ample opportunity.

Some of us will run for office, some of us will fund the campaigns, some of us will mobilize voters. Some of us will man polling units, some of us will shout and publicize, all of us will get our PVCs and vote.

Some say we are lazy, some say we are thugs readily available as tools in the hands of the politicians while their children are schooling abroad,think about these.

My friends, I need your support. I need your prayers, I need your funding, I need your resources. I need your votes.

Yes, we don’t have godfathers, we don’t have vaults filled with cash, we don’t have anything. But, we have God, we have faith, we have hope, we have ideas, we have you.

The future belongs to all of us and now it is.

I intend to live an enduring legacy of Youths Empowerment, Economic Emancipation of my people and special programme for our senior citizens across.

So,I crave your mandate in trust, you will be glad you did!

Lets take a leap!

Comrade Gospel Amaliamifeobu(AGIPO)

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