This beverage is a student companion during examinations, are you approved of it?

Egwunyenga Victor Ifechukwude, a student who just graduated from the university has said that during his exam on campus, nescafe, a coffee drink, was one of his biggest fans while preparing for examinations.
In a post on facebook, Egwunyenga said he was regularly taking the beverage to remain awake during the periods of examinations, even as he mentioned one Amaechi Chiadika who could testify on his behalf.

Read below his post on facebook:

During exam time i became a fan of nescaffe(coffee) because of my huge intake of it just to remain awake during exam period, Amechi Chiadika can Testify!

School sweet but na exam spoil am remain the re-echoing sound amongst students.#voxpop

I hated exam, but all thanks to these reservoirs of knowledge; characters like Dr. Wilfred Oritsesan Olley, SamsonOmosotomhe, Mazi Thoni Ofunne and mrs. Agboh Chioma et all for teaching me the prerequisites of life via learning.

My profound greetings goes out to these persons.

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