This is what proud Delta PDP plans to do to noisy APC chairman, Ogodo, in the forth coming 2019 general election

The Delta State PDP is quite amused by the noisy boasting of Chief Cyril Ogodo, the recently selected Chairman of the Delta State All Progressives Congress, APC, that he and his party will defeat PDP in 2019.

First of all, as a charitable competitor and in true spirit of fine sportsmanship, we wish to congratulate Chief Cyril Ogodo for his pyrrhic and controversy filled selection as the Delta APC Chairman, after his fractious and factionalized party had thoroughly and shamelessly disgraced and embarrassed itself with its glaring ineptitude to conduct a simple congress at the micro level of the wards and the humiliating scenario of conducting two separate State congresses with the emergence of two State Chairmen in one political party, in one State. Shame indeed!

We however take nothing away from Chief Cyril Ogodo and acknowledge his brotherhood as a fellow Deltan and while recognizing his ‘local champion’ popularity in his local rural community, where unfortunately he has also tasted the bitter pill of defeat at the hands of the PDP in his failed ambition to get a seat at the Delta State House of Assembly, we will equally remind him quickly, before he gets carried away with his new, still insecure position, that he was also the Delta APC Deputy State Chairman when the PDP thoroughly flogged his party during the Delta State Local Government election, so he is not new to our thrashing, authority and superiority in Delta politics.

We therefore find his boastful rant of leading his party to defeat PDP in 2019 as very laughable and wish to assure him that we are quite ready to take him to the cleaners, just as we did to his predecessor Jones Erue and their collective sponsors, if indeed he survives the legal processes that are already lined up before him and remains as a badly damaged Chairman of the Delta APC, come 2019.

We also wish to inform him to quickly forget his pipe dream of suggesting that the objective of his party is to return the failed and inept President Buhari back to power in 2019. Of course we will not waste our time reminding him that the PDP has won every presidential election vote in Delta State since 1999 and with the excellent achievements of His Excellency and our party leader, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, the Ekwueme of the Universe, in his first tenure; notably in the area of roads infrastructure which has recently earned him the sobriquet “The Road Master”, we have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that the accomplishments of the brilliant SMART Agenda will once again provide a solid platform for our total landslide victory back to Government House in Asaba and the Aso Rock Presidential Villa in Abuja, come 2019.

So once again, we say welcome Chief Cyril Ogodo, but we are also very sad and sorry to say that unfortunately your emergence as APC Delta State Chairman is a wrong choice for you at the wrong time too, as we wish to sound a note of caution before hand that if you manage to navigate through the murky waters and dangerous minefields already set down for you in your troubled party, then be rest assured that the PDP political sledgehammer is waiting patiently to come down very hard on you and the APC in the 2019 general elections, just like it did to your predecessor in 2015.

We advise you therefore, to take this advise seriously.

God Bless PDP.

Long live Delta State.

Dr. Ifeanyi Michael Osuoza

State Publicity Secretary

PDP, Delta State.

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