This man is giving out his SUV to anybody who mentions two projects Buhari initiated and completed

Few days ago, the President Buhari administration celebrated its third year in power, and what Nigerians on social media have been asking for, are projects he initiated and completed.

A Nigerian man and Facebook user, Victor Ezeanochie, took a rather radical move in finding out projects started and completed by the present administration. According to him, he will be giving out his Lexus 300 SUV to anybody who mentions two projects initiated and completed by President Buhari.

His post reads:


I, HON VICTOR EZENDIGBO hereby resolve to give away my Lexus 300 jeep to anybody particularly buharists and buharians who can mention just two projects initiated,completed and commissioned by this present buhari led APC govt.

All documents to this vehicle is ready for grab.


Nobody has won the prize which came with the post, which has long garnered 132 comments and 236 shares.

There’s also a tweet on projects initiated and completed by President Buhari’s government, in its 3 years in power. The tweet announced that anyone who mentions projects initiated and completed by President Buhari, will get 350k as a prize.

Twitter influencer @Sire_liljosh who confirmed the tweet, wrote;

Someone challenged Nigerians to name ONE federal government project initiated, completed and commissioned by Buhari since he came to power 3 years ago and win N20k The prize is now N350,000 and people still haven’t found one!!! Just ONE project o o

This is after trillions of money have been recovered, given and borrowed. But Baba has cows and a mud house and he is fighting corruption.

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