‘Those calling for removal of Dokubo as Amnesty boss, enemies of Niger Delta’

A coalition of nine militant groups from the Niger Delta region known as the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) has described as ‘enemies’ of the region those behind the campaign for the removal of the chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) and Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Matters, Professor Charles Dokubo.

According to the RNDA, the people of the region commend the posture of Prof. Charles Dokubo against the avalanche of campaign of calumny and focus on putting up some proper structures to reform and reorganise the amnesty office more transparently in order to achieve the purpose of establishing the amnesty programme.

The RNDA, after an emergency meeting held along the creek of Bini River, presided over by Major General Johnmark Ezon-ebi AKA OBAMA, warned those behind the plot to remove Prof. Charles Dokubo to desist or face exposure on the evil plot against Dokubo and President Muhammad Buhari.

According to the communiqué made available to newsmen via email, President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua, of blessed memory, established the Amnesty office after offering a life line of amnesty for repentant militants and agitators in order to regain lost peace which eluded the region in the wake of violence necessitated by the long years of underdevelopment despite the region’s huge contribution to the nation’s economy.

The amnesty office started on a good footing but derailed along the line due to corruption by successive administrators who had managed the amnesty programme which now necessitated your appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari and we strongly believe that your appointment is a right step in the right direction as a renowned conflict resolution expert and as a technocrat and a true son from the Niger Delta region.’

The RNDA however warned those they described as ‘corrupt minds’ to stop sponsoring non-existing groups of criminal elements to protest against the Amnesty coordinator and also calling for his removal from the Amnesty office should desist and stay clear from there evil plots because thier evil moves to blackmail the amnesty coordinator has been unvailed other wise they will be exposed and face the wroth of the gods in the Creek and the RNDA will declare them as enemies to the region and enemies to President Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government.’

‘Furthermore the attention of RNDA has been drawn to some sponsored allegations and fake documents making the round to damage the transparent and good works Prof Charles Dokubo has achieved so far in the Amnesty office and such fake purported stories surrounding the Amnesty office could led to another up rising in the region if not properly checkmated it’

‘The fake romours could destroy the relative peace that is existing in the Creek wish President Muhammadu Buhari has achieved so far in the region and therefore we call on Mr President and the federal government to dis regard and discontenance such fake allegations because they are all lies doctored by some group of self acclaimed misguided corrupt minded persons parading themselves as Niger Delta Leaders base in Abuja metropolis who are clamoring to take over from the Amnesty office by all means and as well are enemies to president Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government that is fighting against corruption to standstill in the country.

In the same vain the RNDA want to use this median to commend the good works and laudable achievements of Prof Charles Dokubo in the Amnesty program since he assume office,Prof Dokubo is known for peace building empowering and training of most of the Ex Militants in the Niger Delta and engaging stakeholders and traditional rulers in the region in other to sustain the existing peace in the creek through the Amnesty office.’

And is on record that Prof Charles Dokubo has selflessly and tirelessly contributed a lot to transform and restructured and sanitized the Amnesty program by way of providing a transparent level playing ground for the training and empowerment of most of the beneficiaries of the program in the region in many ways since the establishment of the amnesty program,Dokubo does not involved in any corrupt practice and has not been indicted for any corruption allegations case by any court of law rather he is working tirelessly contributing to the success of the Amnesty program under his watch therefore those who are behind cooking fake false claims are mischievious and are cheap blackmailers who are out to dent the good image of the Amnesty coordinator prof Charles Dokubor and one Prince Jacob Momoh’s reputation.

‘Though the RNDA, with the coalition of the nine militant groups sacrificed their lives in the creek and paid the Supreme price to accept the Federal Government ceasefire for peace and dialogue agreement wish led to the existing peace in the region and that singular reason proudly led the country out of recession due to the stoppage of bombing of oil pipelines in the creek wish led to the increase of crude oil production from 900 barrels to 1.8million barrels to presently 2.2 million barrels daily yet the RNDA with the coalition of the nine militant groups that accepted the ceasefire has not gotten any single benefit from the Amnesty office despite our compliance to maintain the existing peace in the creek of the region’.

‘Never the less the RNDA with the coalition of the nine militant groups in the Creek will not fold their hands and allow this set of corrupt evil power drunk inhuman coward criminally minded misguided elements of gold digger’s who are parading themselves in the street of Abuja to damage the works wish Prof Charles Dokubo has achieved so far in the Amnesty office and if they refuse to desist from there criminally minded sponsored fake allegations the RNDA with the coalition of the nine militant groups in the Creek will left with no option than to declare them wanted in the region and tag dem as enemies to the region and enemies to president Muhammadu Buhari government.’

‘The RNDA will continue to support and throw our weight behind Prof Charles Dokubor to enable him to succeed in the Amnesty office because we are proud of the numerous achievements of Prof Charles Dokubo since he came onboard to the affairs of the Amnesty program, in the same vain the RNDA will continue to support President Muhammadu Buhari led APC federal government because Mr. President meant well for the overall development of the Niger Delta region and we can proudly say that the under development of the region was not caused by President Buhari led APC federal government.

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