Three soldiers reportedly rape Ogoni woman in full glare of her family members

The Federation of Ogoni Women’s Association (FOWA) condemn, in the strongest terms, the rape of an Ogoni lady on Monday, September 16, 2019,in Nweol, Gokana local government area of Rivers State.

The woman (we will protect her identity) was raped by three soldiers in Nweol, Gokana LGA right in the full glare of her family members she stepped out of the bathroom and was overwhelmed by Nigerian soldiers who incidentally invaded the community at that time.

The recent case of the victim from Nweol which took place on Monday September 16 at about 1:15 PM is most pathetic and truly depicts the mission of the Nigerian soldiers in Ogoni which is to abuse and subject the Ogoni people to torture and dehumanization.

Ogoni women are deeply saddened by the silence of the Nigerian authorities on the current violations against and call for an immediate halt of the current military raids in Ogoniland.

We strongly condemned these acts and express our strong disgust against soldiers whose indecency is driving them into these shameless acts of rape.

FOWA calls on our president, Muhamadu Buhari to immediately probe the Ogoni abuses and halt the military operations to prevent further abuses.

We regret that despite public outrage, the Nigerian authorities have remained non-responsive and thereby allowing these heinous acts to be perpetuated against our women

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