Tony Nwaka: Delta senatorial contest could determine who occupies government house – Opinion

For many people, there is always the tendency to focus on the governorship race to the near disregard for the national assembly elections. They see those legislative positions as too distant and detached from the immediate demands attendant upon the executive office of the governor. For this reason, many people don’t bother to even vote in the national assembly elections.

They stockpile their arsenal in earnest expectation of the more absorbing guber race. But there lies the danger. It would be catastrophic to commit such laxity in the 2019 national assembly elections in Delta State, particularly the senatorial contests. The truth is, this is a different political era. Familiar methods may not stand the realities of the time.

The national assembly elections would hold two weeks before the governorship. Looking through my political binoculars, the senatorial contests could be a laboratory formulation of what would play out in the governorship election.

Whichever party that gets the three or two of the three senatorial seats in Delta State will be the party to occupy the government house in Asaba on May 29, 2019. If you take only one out of the three seats it will be difficult to justify your success in the governorship election. If they get two of the three seats, the world will not dispute “whatever” that would follow.

So, as much preparation that is being made for the governorship election should also go for the senatorial race. In fact, greater efforts should be put in the senatorial election. Deploy your full armory in order to get the upper hand. It is the key to the governor’s office.

Two is greater than one. The owner of two secures the key to the temple, while the owner of one wanders away in the wilderness to await the wind of 2023. Therefore, seek ye first the kingdom of the Senate and all other things shall be “given” unto you

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