Tragedy in Asaba as heavy flood reportedly wash away two students, pour into homes, displace others

Tragedy struck on Wednesday when two students whose school and name cannot be identified were reportedly washed away by the ravaging flood that swept through Okpanam road, a suburb of Asaba, the Delta state capital.

Reports at the disposal of revealed that the male student was caught up in the flood having written the paper for the day and was returning home when the heavy rain came and swept the poor student off her feet and washed her away.

It was learnt that following the heavy flood that covered the length of the road, the student could not differentiate between the open pavement and the free land, and suddenly dropped his leg in the flood and was immediately carried off the ground. learnt that the boy was walking along the popular Eagle Square area, also in Okpanam road when he was over powered by the waves and swept away.

Further reports revealed that the second student, a young girl, was taking her bath under the rain along the Redeemed Church junction, Okpanam road when the flood also took her away.

Okpanam road is one of the roads that experience heavy flooding whenever it rains in Asaba and residents of the area have found it a nightmare whenever the sky becomes cloudy and the rain begins to pour.

The Delta state government has contracted out the storm drainage to stem the wave of the flood around Asaba, specifically areas as Okpnam road, Agric road, DBS road, DLA road, Jesus Saves road and others in the state capital.

The project is a multi-billion naira project which has been under construction for over 12 months. The completion date has been undergoing postponement from one month to the other.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has repeatedly promised that the completion of the drainage will signal the end of the flooding. However, it appears that as the drainage project continues, the flood appears heavier in the state capital.

Managing Director of Trend FM in Asaba, IJeoma Uba, in a post on facebook, said she struggled to swim through the flood to her home to see that her compound had been taken over by flood.

In her post, she said: “Even under the stairs, people living downstairs are scooping water out from their apartments. The whole street is so flooded that it can cover a three-year-old child. No movement except for high trucks. This is not the first or second this year.

“I also know that it’s not just my area that’s badly affected. The attached photos are of Delta Broadcasting Service and behind NTA, off Madonna road. I’ve spoken with persons at five different locations here in Asaba and the stories are similar.

“I know that Asaba always had flooding issue but it has never been this early in the year. This is just June and I’m already getting displaced. It appears the drainage project is opening more ways for flooding.

“This is not to say that it is futile but that the delayed completion and adequate channeling of water may leave Asaba worst hit this year.

“Now I ask, what is the situation of that storm water project? Why are we seeing seemingly abandoned water projects around the Okpanam axis? Why are the drainages allowed to be overtaken by sand while homes and streets get overrun by flood this early?

“Please I need answers Barr. EA Uzumnism, Aniagwu Charles, Nelson Egware. Thank you.”

In a swift response to her post, Aniagwu Charles, chief press secretary to the governor, made a post where he dropped a video of a storm water heavily carrying water to the nearby River Niger.

In the post, he said: “Hi dear Ijeoma my sister, the video below was captured by my boss, Honorable Tam Brisibe, at the Ibori Golf course. It’s just a clear view of the volume of flood water passing through one of the storm water channels to the Anwai River.

“This is in-spite of the fact that we’re yet to connect most of the channels due to ongoing work at the discharge point. Please, bear with us as work on the first phase is almost completed. God bless Deltans.”

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