We are opening opportunity for student journalists in tertiary institutions across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.

Interested student journalists should be from level 300 to 400 of any Nigerian university. He or she should be a student of Mass Communication or English studies and must have flair for writing and good command of the English language. He must also have nose for good news stories and able to conduct interviews with lecturers and Vice Chancellor of his or her university.

For those in the polytechnic, the intending journalist should be in either HND 1 or 11 in any Nigerian polytechnic and must be studying Mass Communication.

Interested students must have access to laptops or devices with which to forward their stories to the editor. He must be able to conduct interviews with principal officers of the institution-SUG, HOD, lecturers, Rectors, Vice Chancellors and must be able to verify all stories before pushing to the editor.

If you are interested in developing your career in online journalism, send your name, phone number, name of school, department, class/level, email address, a six-paragraph news story to greataustin@yahoo.com. Then, if you meet our requirement, we begin further communication with you.



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