Not Too Young To Lead makes statement on Nigerian youngest Senator Abbo

Coordinator of NotTooYoungToLead in Delta, Elvis Akpobi, has expressed disappointment over the manner the youngest Senator in the National Assembly assaulted a nursing mother in a sex toy shop in the highbrow area of Abuja.

Although he has tendered apology to the Nigerian people, the Christian church, women and mothers, the group is saddened that the youngest Senator, who appears to be answer to the prayers of Nigerian youths could assault a woman, let alone a nursing mother.

Akpobi, who has been in the forefront campaigning for youth inclusiveness in governance, said: “I am still not sleeping well, I still can’t look out or think without fighting tears with respect to the actions of the Young Senator which has given a negative sting to young people yearning for leadership positions.

“My advocacy is for youths with content and unquestionable character to be given the privilege to play a role in the future of making this country great.

“The Nottooyoungtolead group condemns in strong terms the assault on the young lady by the Senator who ordinarily should be a figure to emulate but chose a negative path.

“While we call on relevant authorities to make sure justice is served without sentiments, it is imperative to note that no one is above the law.”

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