Why Bayelsa governor must not go unpunished after his tenure as Ex-militant leader warns Sylva over unholy romance with Dickson

Foremost Ex-Militant leader and Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Comrade Eris Paul, has called on the leader of the Party and minister of state for petroleum resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, to tread with caution in his dealings with Governor Seriake Dickson over alleged plan to seek soft landing from the federal government at the expiration of his tenure in the state.

Some politicians in the state have raised alarm over the reported new romance between Governor Seriake Dickson and Chief Timipre Sylva over alleged attempt to seek soft landing and protection from investigation into his stewardship in the state by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

But Comrade Eris Paul also known as Ogunboss, in an open letter issued and addressed to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva, called on the APC leader to tread with caution when having dealings with Governor Dickson on the issues of soft landing after his tenure.

Comrade Ogunboss noted that the new relationship between the duo should be observed carefully because the soft landing being sought will not make Governor Dickson stop the alleged sponsored attacks against loyalists of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state.

According to Ogunboss: “Your new friendship with Dickson is veined and not blue from the usual cool. Sealing my lips does not close my eyes, victories are not won by people on knees around you. Peremabiri community is having a court case with Henry Dickson, our chiefs were forcefully arrested and taken to court by 7:23 pm in the night for not supporting him.

“We vigilantly still receive threats from the almighty Dickson everyday, when you think of soft landing for a man who never bears soft landing for his own state, please also consider the place of your followers.

“13 persons were sacked in my family from the civil service, including my biological parents, my country home in Yenagoa was bombed, attacks on my life has been ceaseless for over seven years. I am saying that the scars of others should not be forgotten. If we were not all loyal and forced to wear a bulletproof or distrust before now, we would have not been commanding so much respect from the people.

“His Excellency Chief Timipre Sylva sir, can I ask for caution, or insist for some form of carefulness with Henry Seriake Dickson?

“Henry Seriake Dickson visits you in your Abuja resident or has been on his knees begging for soft landing does not make him a loyalist or your friend.

“Having normal knees would make life easier for Dickson, but not like the knees of someone shedding crocodile tear. Hon. Dickson is begging you (Sylva) and his supporters are pulling the hairs off your followers in Yenagoa.

Remember that some of us have left all the luxury of the state capital, including our families, to the village. Despite that Dickson is attacking us and our communities till date.’

Ogunboss pleaded with Chief Timipre Sylva to reconsider the decision to enter into secret deals with Governor Seriake Dickson,’Also think the place of your supporters, whatever anyone is doing to disorganize APC in Bayelsa state has the full support and backing of the Governor Dickson.’

‘I am allergic to fake people like Dickson in my life, they never demand my total submission to anything, I hate them and I don’t know how to pretend.’

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