Wow! This orphanage home has trained 3 graduates, 15 presently studying different courses in university

You can’t resist the sweet words owners of orphanage homes used on Governor Okowa’s wife as she donates to orphans (Check out the photos)


Proprietors of orphanage homes in Delta state, on Monday, showered encomiums on wife of Delta state governor, Dame Edith Okowa, over her show of love and concern for the welfare of children, especially children in orphanage homes across the state.

The event was the celebration of world orphanage day, a day set aside by the United Nations to remember children who, due to circumstances beyond their control, lost their parents and were orphaned at tender ages and for lack of care from whosoever, were taken to orphanage homes to make a living from caregivers other than their parents.

Not less than 41 orphanage homes were present at the state government house where the governor’s wife presented various food items ranging from yam, bags of rice, garri, and others to the proprietors of the orphanage homes.

Emmanuel Oletu, proprietor of Children Revolutionary Foundation in Irri, a community in Isoko south local government area of Delta state, who spoke on behalf of the proprietors, paid glowing tribute to Dame Okowa. For him, Okowa’s wife came as God-sent to salvage the suffering of orphanages in the state.

He said Okowa’s wife has given the less privileged meaning in life and through her, God has answered their cry. “God sent you to us. You have been part and parcel of our success. We love you mama. You are a treasure of inestimable value to us. May God keep you for us,” Oletu said in an emotion-laden tone.

In separate interview, Oletu told that his “foundation believes in changing lives of children through the expression of true love and selfless service to the poor and the less privileged. Our main goal is to help as many people as possible and alleviate human suffering.”

He said his foundation, which is 15 years old, has 182 children with 15 currently in the university, three recently graduated and seven just gained admission to the university. He added that God has been faithful to them, noting that though feeding has been very challenging, God has been making provision for the children at the home.

He said the governor’s wife, through her 05 Initiative, has been extremely helpful in making provisions for the children. He added that the education of the children has been very challenging, even at times the orphanage goes begging to make sure the children are educated.

“We even take loans to send them to school. It has been a great challenge to us but with the coming in of the governor’s wife, we have been relieved. She is the only one that has been helping us. That is why I am praying that God will continue to sustain her.

“Words are not enough for us to show our sincere appreciation to her. Like she rightly said what she is doing today is vision that God gave to her and God will continue to bless her and strengthen her and give her the resources to continue to do this work and do for her what no man can do for her.”

In her speech, the governor’s wife said her vision for the children was from God, hence she is bent on assisting children and other less privileged people in society. This, she has evidently carried out in various ways across the state. She has paid bills on several occasions for patients who could not pay at the federal medical centre in Asaba.

The governor’s wife has also carried out free medical treatment to thousands of people across the 25 local government areas in the state. Her free treatment with specialist doctors has given hope to many who thought hope of seeing again was over. So many lives she has enlivened and given reason to live.

The event which she has been executing through her pet project, 05 Initiative, for the past three years,  has provided succor to so many children in the 41 orphanage homes across the 25 local government areas of the state.

Governor Okowa’s wife who has exhibited great passion for the welfare of children, the less privileged and the downtrodden, explained that the orphans did not make decision of being orphans on their own but circumstances surrounding them were beyond their control, hence they were orphaned against their wish.

She described the orphans as special children whose welfare should be the passion of all right thinking individuals in the country, stating that the United Nations set November 12 aside every year to celebrate and create awareness for children who have lost their parents.

She gave instances of children whose parents died through accident and the foundation took charge of their welfare. She said millions of children were orphaned through circumstances making them vulnerable to the vices of society. “These children who are entitled to complete and fulfilled lives are homeless, naked and hungry,” she said.

She said for the past three years, the foundation has taken the issue of 38 registered orphanages and three adopted families seriously by providing their basic needs, especially food.

She warned caregivers not to take advantage of the children. She said: “These orphans you are keeping, be careful. You will answer for them before God. Keep them well and take good care of them. It is God’s assignment, don’t grumble but rebuke them when necessary.”

She said the programme was anchored on God’s word where the Bible says: “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me water, I was a stranger and you took me in. I was naked and you clothed me. I was in hospital and you visited me.”

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